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Palestrante: Danilo J. S. Bellini

EE, Music bachelor and MSCS
who helps local Coding Dojo and Python communities,
Danilo is the managing partner of HexD Tech,
where he mainly works with data science, Python and shell scripting.

A contributor to several FLOSS projects
like openModeller, pytest, IPython and watchdog,
as well as the creator of AudioLazy (Python DSP)
and Dose (TDD GUI for Coding Dojos),
Danilo has, from USP (University of São Paulo, Brazil),
a degree in electrical engineering
with qualification in computer and digital systems,
a bachelor's degree in music
with qualification in music composition,
and a master's degree in computer science.
He's the managing partner of HexD Tech,
where he works as a consultant and developer
in areas such as signal processing, statistics,
machine learning and software development,
and he had already worked for companies
like Fuvest, Playax, Jeitto, SCCON and IDwall.
As of today (March 2019),
Danilo is working for the SciELO Project for most of his time,
developing free/open source software
towards open access to scientific research.
He's also part of the organization team
for many local events of some user groups/communities,
including Dojo-SP, GruPy-ABC, SciPy-SP and GruPy-SP.