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Dj set: Soupy Security DJ set w/ Slammer

Slammer is a U.S. based web developer, infosec practitioner, and a founding member of the Anthology of Booty DJ crew. Slammer will bring the Soupy Security project onto the CryptoRave dancefloor while interweaving complex musical rhythms from Nairobi club to Baltimore house.

Soupy Security is an interactive multi-media project. It attempts to document the lessons that security practitioners & organizations with limited IT resources face while building sustainable digital infrastructures and processes. Soupy Security uses a variety of mediums--from podcasts to video-- to tell these stories including a “choose your own adventure” style story that will premier at CryptoRave. Slammer approaches the practice of security management the same way they cook soup--according to what their communities have as well as their taste.
The Anthology of Booty is a DJ crew in Washington DC seeking to create unique and welcoming social spaces. Our crew is a mix of people from many different backgrounds, and we're painfully aware of how social spaces like dances, clubs, and bars have been used to keep people apart and maintain social dynamics such as racism, misogyny, and homophobia. We are committed to resisting these negative forces by creating spaces for dancing, community-building, kickin’ it, and art with an emphasis on inclusion and respect.


Dia: 04/05/2019
Hora de início: 21:00
Duração: 00:40
Room: Edward Snowden - térreo BMA
Trilha: Festa
Língua: en



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