Version Completinha

Palestrante: Torsten Grote


Digital Rights Activist and Developer

Torsten has a master's degree in computer science as well as philosophy and has always been interested in topics of technology-enabled social and political change. He specialized in Free Software and related aspects of digital freedom.

Since 2007 Torsten is a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). There he is involved with lobbying and campaigning. For example, he started the "Free Your Android" campaign to educate people about how they can use mobile devices in freedom and have their privacy respected. He still runs the campaign and coordinates the efforts to make mobile freedom accessible to everybody.

In 2009, Torsten joined the German pirate party and studied ways of how the government can be made more transparent, efficient and democratic with the use of new technologies and concepts such as liquid democracy.

Currently, Torsten is building a new kind of social network that encrypts all communication and does not produce any metadata.