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Palestrante: pegs

Peggy sylopp

Acitivst, Artist and Computer Scientist

My art an activist career started in the end of eighties, when I moved to Berlin and joined the squatter scene, played in punk bands and performed oriental dance My professional education was photography, which gave me inspiration for light installations. In the turn of millenium I started to use digital image processing, so I got into curiousity of computer science and made a diploma. My installations became interactive. By time I started to use only open source software and hardware for my works and teaching.

Beside my installative art works with ice, light and sound I focused in the last years on the investigation of the deployments of free open software and hardware for a self-determined society, eg maker technologies for assistive technologies or free open networks for refugees, unconnected rural arias and movements.

Since 2015 I'm engaged in the Freifunk community for internet as human right.

Acitivst, Artist and Computer Scientist
mother of two daughters (*1995, *2005)

2015 scholarshop Goethe-Institut Porto Allegre, Brasil
2009 sound-video installation „SPECTRUM“ added into Skulpturenmuseum Marl
2008 Nomination for the German Sound Art Prize

2011 Master of Public Policy at Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance
Master thesis „Creative concepts for mediation of new technologies“, about gender and technology education
2002 09 Diploma Computer Science, Technical University Berlin
Thesis: „conception and implementation of analytical techniques for reconfigurable object networks“, in framework of forMAlNET project, formal Modeling and Analysis of flexible processes in mobile ad-hoc NETworks), Prof. Hartmut Ehrig
1998-1999 On-the-job-training information design, Mediadesign Akademie Berlin
1985-1987 apprenticeship Fototechnical Assistent, Gertrud-Luckner-Schule, Freiburg
1987 Technical vocational baccalaureate diploma, Staatliche Fachoberschule Obernburg am Main

Works and Activism (selection)

2017 Twilight IV – illuminated Sound Ice installation out of frozen Ice out of Berlin lake
2016 „guṇa गुण“, video life processing with Feedback Laboratory, SpektrumBerlin
2016 Twilight III, Light-/Iceinstallation mit animierter „Matelight“-Installation @c-base
Video Feedback System, Live Video processing and Performance with Jürgen Michaelis (yomox), Matthias Erian (Kunstharzlack), Kurt Korthals (the buddy system)
2016 Internet Access is Human Right,
- Talk re:publica
- Interview with Elektra Wagenrad, Freifunkradio
- Talk at 2. Tecnoxamanismo Meeting

Freifunk-Workshop, Introdution Freifunk technologie in cooperation with Mathias Jud (
University of Arts Berlin, class Prof. Dr. phil. Hito Steyerl

Re:Fugee:Ca – Space for Migration Hacking, workshops und meetups of refugees, artists and experts of digital publishing
Founding and organization, fundraising
supported by Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

2016 Modulares Digitales Framework for Interkulturelle Communities, Talk at FSFE
about collaborative design and freie/open source aoftware for the deployment in the work with refugees
Freie Software Foundation Europe, local gruppe Berlin
2016 Traces, installation wit painting Raspberry Pi – Robots
conception and at artistical realization
Tecnoxamanismo Meeting, Schillerpalais Berlin
2016 Conception „Costume DIY-Limbs“ and „Made for my Wheel Chair“, applications for Light Care Call of BMBF, on behalf of Fab Lab Berlin
2016 „Locations of the future“, conception and realization workshop for a video competition of PASCH-schools in Dohuk adn Erbil, Goethe-Institut Erbil, Kurdish Iraq
2015 Internet Access is Human Right, Freie Netzwerke
reactivation Freifunk initiative Pankow
volunteer-engagement for Internet in refugee homes, about „Störerhaftung“, Router-Lockdown, Net Neutrality
2015 Observation Space, artistic direction and participation wih following installations:
„Eikonal“ with robots about surveillance
„Spyramide“, interactive tweet-installation
„#nomoreweapons“- art action with Antenna Rush
Seminarleitungen Fachbereichen Kunst und Informatik mit UFRGS Porto Alegre
Kunststipendium Goethe Institut Porto Allegre, Brasilien
2015 „Co-Design with Refugees and Supporters of Refugee Work“, conception, project leader and data analysis, supported by Federal Agency for Civic Education
and the Minister for Migration, Refugees and Integration
2016 „Traces“, installation with painting robots, Tecnoxamanismo Meeting, Schillerpalais Berlin
2015 „Observation Space“, artistical scholarshop Goethe Institut Porto Allegre (Brasil) with artistic directorshop of the international group exhibtion.
Art work with interactive installation „Eikonal“ with robots and „#nomoreweapons“ 3D-print
2014 „guns, sex and rock'n'roll as 3d prints“
Action Session at blogger-faire re:publica
2014 „Wie klingt Pong?“ - Pong redesigned with refugee kids in social focal point Berlin
participtation Gamefest Computerspielemuseum with sound artists Heidrun Schramm und Petra Kübert
2014 M98, 3D print of Mauser 98, repeating rifle of ww1 in real size
Kunstsquad and Pirate Friends at Yami Ichi Internet Black Market,
transmediale Festival for media art and digital culture
2013 Soundpong Installation – sound controlled Pong installation
Long Night of Science, Technical University Berlin
30c3 Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg
2012 Chillout Set in der Ten Forward Lounge - Live Video Performance zu DJ Gregoa
29c3 Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg
2012 Mixed-Media Installation -Illuminated melting ice blocks with sound installation
Gallery "Odra Zoo", Szczecin, Poland
2012 Audio-visuelle performance in Kaleidoskop Artforum, Berlin
with Almuth Kühne (voice and movement), Antonio Borghini, Kontrabass

2011 „Ankunft: Neue Musik“ festival for contemporary opera in main station Berlin
2010 „50 Jahre GEDOK“, Haus am Kleistpark and Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin
2009 Marler Medienkunst-Preise 2008 an der Kunstakademie in Lodz, Kurator Stephan Wolters, Polen
2007 Festival „Art Trail Shandon 2007“, Salon Bruit in K77, Shandon Craft Center, Cork, Irland
„Intervall“ AV-Performance in three parts, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Berlino, Italtian Cultural Institute
2000 Camera work at television productions, FAB
1999 CD ROM conception and design for the architecture companies
1997-1998 Video recording technique - teaching at Media Pedagogic e. V., Berlin
1997 Auditor at HFF (Deutsche Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen), Berlin
1995 – 1997 Photographer
1990-1995 Organisation of theatre and dance projects
Participation in acting, pantomime and dance seminars
1998-1989 Study of Photography at printed circuit board factory Uhl