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reunião: Free Digital Territories

WIFI Communities: How we work- what do we have to fight against - how can we support each other?

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Restricting laws refering topics like data retention, radio lockdown or the telemedia regulations are effecting community WIFI projects in different ways. We want to have an exchange about the different situations worldwide, how we can fight against restrictions and support each other.

Since Freifunkers are often working as providers they are affected by the data retention. The EU Radio Equipment Directive requires all devices that are able to send and receive radio signals to be locked down, this means all IOT devices. This goes much further than the FCC lockdown in the US which affects only routers. It might not be possible to install router software like OpenWRT on routers any more. Updates and adaption of software to the new directives might cost more ressources than the communities can provide. The German "Störerhaftung" ("Disturbing liability") makes open access to WIFI nets in Germany impossible, as anybody how provides an internet access point is liable for the downloads of the people using it. This affects especially people who are depending on open WIFI nets like those in refugee homes which are supported by the Freifunk community.

2017 NGOs and research organizations wrote and open letter to the EU how to properly supported network. We want to give an introduction about our ideas and discuss with you how we can support each other internationally.